Restoring the Repository from Backups

Load backup files into the repository database to revert undesirable changes or to recover from a catastrophic failure.

If you configured SAP Control Center to store backups somewhere other than the default location, change the source directory in the copy commands in this procedure.

  1. Shut down SAP Control Center.
  2. Copy the most recent full backup from SCC-3_3/backup/<generated_directory_name> to SCC-3_3/services/Repository. For example:


    copy C:\sap\SCC-3_3\backup\repository.270110161105\scc_repository.db 


    cp /opt/sap/SCC-3_3/backup/repository.270110161105/scc_repository.db 
  3. If you have no incremental backups to load,
    1. Also copy the log file from SCC-3_3/backup/<generated_directory_name> to SCC-3_3/services/Repository. For example:


      copy C:\sap\SCC-3_3\backup\repository.270110161105\scc_repository.log 


      cp /opt/sap/SCC-3_3/backup/repository.270110161105/scc_repository.log 
    2. Skip to step 5.
  4. (Optional) To load incremental backups, start the repository database using the -ad option, which directs it to load transaction logs (incremental backups) from the incremental directory. (The database loads full backups automatically.) For example:


    cd sap\SCC-3_3\services\Repository
    ..\..\bin\sa\bin_<platform>\dbsrv11.exe scc_repository -ad 


    cd /opt/sap/SCC-3_3/services/Repository
    ../../bin/sa/bin_<platform>/dbsrv11 scc_repository -ad 
    The repository database loads the full backup and any subsequent incremental backups present in the incremental directory. Incremental backups are loaded in date order. After loading and saving, the database shuts down.
  5. Start SAP Control Center.
    If you loaded incremental backups, SAP Control Center starts normally (that is, no further recovery occurs). If you copied a full backup to the Repository directory, the database recovers the repository from the full backup.

Example: Loading incremental backups into the repository database

These commands start SQL AnywhereĀ® on a 32-bit Windows machine:

% cd C:\sap\SCC-3_3\services\Repository
% ..\..\bin\sa\bin_windows32\dbsrv11.exe scc_repository -ad  

These commands start SQL Anywhere on a 64-bit machine running Solaris:

$ cd /opt/sap/SCC-3_3/services/Repository
$ ../../bin/sa/bin_sunsparc64/dbsrv11 scc_repository -ad 

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