Configuring Repository Purging

Change repository purging options.

You must have administrative privileges (sccAdminRole) to perform this task.
As you decide how to purge your repository, consider that:
  • Purging keeps the repository from absorbing too much disk space.
  • By default, purging is enabled. It occurs once a day and purges data older than one day.
  • Statistics and alert history can help you detect trends in server performance and user behavior. The SAP Control Center statistics chart can graph performance data over a period of a year or more if the data is available. If you have enough disk space, consider saving data for a longer period of time or disabling the purging of statistics or alert history.
  • Changing the purge frequency and other options might affect SAP Control Center performance.
Note: If you configure purging as part of a scheduled backup of the repository, disable automatic purging on the Size Management tab.
  1. From the main menu bar, select Application > Administration.
  2. Select Repository.
  3. Click the Size Management tab.
  4. To turn automatic purging on or off, click Automatically purge the repository periodically.
    Turn this option off if purging is configured as part of your scheduled full or incremental backups.
  5. Click purge options to turn them on or off:
    • Purge statistics
    • Purge alert history
  6. In Purge data older than, enter the number of days after which to purge repository data.
  7. Click Apply, then OK.
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