Scheduling Backups of the Repository

Configure full and incremental backups of the repository to occur automatically.

Determine your backup strategy, including when to perform full backups and incremental backups. For example, you might schedule incremental backups every day and a full backup every Saturday.

You must have administrative privileges (sccAdminRole) to perform this task.


A full backup copies the entire repository. An incremental backup copies the transaction log, capturing any changes since the last full or incremental backup.

  1. From the main menu, select Application > Administration.
  2. In the left pane, select Repository.
  3. Click the Full Backup tab.
  4. (Optional) To change the directory in which backups will be stored, click Browse and navigate to the desired directory.
  5. Select Schedule a Regular Backup.
  6. Specify the day you want scheduled backups to begin. Enter a Start date or click the calendar and select a date.
  7. (Optional) Use the Time and AM/PM controls to specify the time at which backups occur.
  8. Specify how often backups occur by setting the Repeat interval and selecting hours, days, or weeks.
  9. (Optional) To purge the repository after each backup, select Run a repository purge after the backup completes.
  10. If you include purging in the backup schedule, go to the Size Management tab and unselect Automatically purge the repository periodically to disable automatic purging.
  11. Click Apply to save the schedule.
  12. Click the Incremental Backup tab and repeat the steps above to schedule incremental backups to occur between full backups.
Set purging options on the Size Management tab.
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