Setting Up Statistics Collection

Use the Properties view of your managed resource to create a data collection job and add a schedule to the job.
Statistics gathering consumes system resources intensively; the more collection jobs you run, the greater the burden on your server. For best performance, Sybase recommends these guidelines for scheduling data collection jobs:
  • Schedule only one collection job for each collection.
  • Set the collection interval to 5 minutes or more. (The default is 5 minutes.)

Data collections for a managed resource do not run until the resource is authenticated.

  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select a resource, click its drop-down arrow, and select Resource > Properties.
  2. Select Collection Jobs.
  3. Click Create Job.
  4. If this resource has not yet been authenticated, you see the Authentication page. Enter a user name and password that SAP Control Center can use to log in to the resource. Click Authenticate to verify your credentials. Data collections can run only on an authenticated resource.
  5. On the Collection Information page, select the data collection that this job will run.
  6. (Optional) If you do not want SCC to save data collected for this job in the repository, unselect Save data collected from this job.

    If you choose not to save collection data, SCC updates any open views (the heat chart or a resource monitor, for example) when the job runs. If the job runs when no views are open, the data is not captured.

    This option cannot be modified once the job is created. If you need to change it, drop the data collections and add it again.

  7. Click Next.
  8. (Optional) If you do not want to create a schedule yet, unselect Create a schedule for this job.
  9. Specify details for the new schedule:
    Field Description
    Name A name for this schedule
    Description A description of this schedule
  10. Choose to start the job Now or Later. If you choose Later, specify the start date and time.
  11. Specify the duration of this schedule. The job can run:
    • Once
    • Repetitively at an interval you specify
      Field Description
      Repeat interval Time period (in seconds, minutes, hours, or days) between job executions
    • Until a stop date that you specify, at an interval you specify
      Field Description
      Repeat interval Time period (in seconds, minutes, hours, or days) between job executions
      Stop date Date and time the job should stop running
      Note: Enter dates and times using your local time. SAP Control Center converts your times for remote time zones if necessary.

    You cannot change the duration of a schedule (the once/repetitively/until setting) after you create it. To change the schedule duration, delete and recreate the schedule.

  12. Click Finish.
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