Performance Overview Statistics and Details

The Overview screen displays high-level information about the current ASE SAP server. The tables and charts are populated by data from the collection_ase_all_client_kpis, covering the current chart trend period.

Note: The Overview screen is called Cluster Overview in cluster configurations.
Engine CPU Utilization Displays aggregate CPU utilization for all engines on this server. For information about individual server engines, see the Engines screen. Because all I/O for a process goes through one engine, CPU usage is not always evenly distributed across engines. For cluster configurations, the graph shows the aggregate CPU utilization for each instance of the cluster.
Device IO/Sec (For cluster configurations, this information is on the Cluster Instances window) Displays device I/O per second, aggregated across all devices on this server. For information about individual devices, see the Devices screen.
(For cluster configurations, this information is on the Cluster Instances window) Displays memory usage statistics, including:
  • Amount of physical and logical memory in use
  • Amount of unused memory
  • Size of the procedure, statement, and data caches
Displays process statistics, including:
  • Max User Processes – number of processes for which this server is configured.
  • High Water Mark – highest number of processes that ran concurrently since this server started.
  • Active – processes currently running.
  • (Cluster configurations only) Blocked Processes – processes that are waiting for a resource, or for another process to finish.

For more on processes, see the Processes screen.

Details tab Displays information about this server, including number of days it has been running, number of deadlocks, data cache hit rate, procedure cache stalls, page and device sizes, maximum number of online engines, number of open databases, and the dates and times of the server’s most recent restart and of the clearing of these counters. For cluster configurations, the Details tab also displays information about software product and version, hardware platform, server edition, number of dead locks, page and device sizes, when the server was last re-started, and when the counters were last cleared.
Configured Resources tab
Displays usage statistics for many of the configured resources for this server or cluster instance:
  • Current – amount of this resource the server is currently using.
  • Run value – configured maximum for this resource.
  • Percentage – percentage of the configured maximum represented by the current use of this resource.
  • High Water Mark – maximum amount of this resource that has been used since this server started.

Use the Percentage and High Water Mark columns to identify resources that might be over- or under-configured.

Wait Events

Displays a list of server-wide wait events, which can be very useful in performance tuning. Information about the wait events includes the number of waits, wait time, average wait time, and wait description. For clustered servers, this same information appears for each instance.

Licenses tab Displays information about software licenses on this server or cluster instance.
Alerts tab Displays, for this server, cluster, or cluster instance, all alert notifications that have occurred since the monitor view was opened. If any alerts have occurred since you last looked at the Alerts tab, a yellow warning icon appears on the tab.

You can use the Alert List Size property on the Settings screen to control the number of alerts that appears.

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