Process Statistics and Details

Interpret SAP ASE process information.

Lock icons in the SPID column of the Processes table identify processes that are blocked (a dimmed lock) or blocking (a gold lock) other processes. Other columns of the Processes table include the family ID (which is the parent SPID value), processes blocked by an SPID, CPU activity, CPU cumulative activity, disk I/O activity, and disk I/O cumulative activity.

On the Blocked Processes tab, SAP Control Center shows the lock request process that is blocking another process, not the blocking lock itself. A yellow warning icon appears on the Blocked Processes tab label when there are any blocked processes.

Color indicators in the Processes
Color Process State
Blue Selected
Green Executing a query
Yellow Blocking another process
Red Blocked by a lock held by another process

Displays information about the selected process, including program name, current SQL command, client machine IP address and name, transaction name and start time, physical and logical reads, and CPU utilization.


If the selected process is active, displays the SQL statement and query plan for the query that the process is executing.

Wait Events
Displays a list of all events the selected process has waited for. Wait events are internal states that represent conditions that cause a process to stop. Common wait events include waiting:
  • On the scheduler runnable queue for a CPU to become available
  • For disk I/O to complete
  • For a lock on a table to be released
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