Engine Statistics and Details

Interpret the Engines screen for SAP ASE.

To monitor engines, from the Perspective Resources view, select the server to monitor, click the drop-down arrow, and select Monitor.

The Engines screen displays information about all processing engines for this server. The charts are populated by data from the collection_ase_all_client_kpis, covering the current trend period.

The Engines table identifies engines by number, and gives CPU utilization percentages, status, start date and time, number of connections, and the operating system process identifier (OS PID) for each one.

Note: For SAP ASE shared-disk clusters, the Engines table has information that is grouped by cluster instances.

The area at the bottom of the screen shows information about the selected engine selected.

IO Processing table Provides counts of disk I/O checks, checks without waits, polls, and completed operations over the current trend period.
Garbage Collection table For the current trend period, provides the garbage collector's maximum queue size and counts of pending items, high water mark items, and overflows.
Engine CPU Utilization graph A line graph showing CPU utilization for this engine as a percentage. If the server is performing poorly, use the information from this graph to determine how busy the engines are.
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