Segment Statistics and Details

Interpret segment information for SAP ASE.

The Segment Statistics and Details screen displays information about segments. In cluster configurations, select the Global tab to see information about segments on global databases. Select the Local tab to see information about segments on local, temporary databases, grouped by cluster instances.

The Segments screen displays information about all segments for this server. The charts on this screen are populated by data from the collection_ase_all_client_kpis, covering the current trend period.

The Segments table lists each segment used by this server and provides the name of the database that uses the segment, the database’s size and unused space on the segment, and the number of thresholds.

The tabs at the bottom of the screen show information about the selected segment.

Tabs on the Segments Screen
Details Displays two charts:
  • A pie chart shows current space usage on the selected segment. Includes used and unused space, in megabytes, and as percentages of the available space on the segment. The title above the chart indicates the total available space.
  • Space Usage – a line graph shows changes in space usage on the selected segment over the current trend period.
Devices Used Displays devices included in the selected segment and the size of each device, in megabytes. Click a name in the Device column to switch to the Devices monitoring view’s information for that device.
Used Tables Displays tables allocated on the selected segment and the reserved size of each table, in kilobytes.
Used Indexes Displays indexes allocated on the selected segment and the table associated with each index.

For more information on segments, see the chapter on creating and using segments in the System Administration Guide, Volume 2.

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