Displaying Information About Segments Used by a Database

For a database, get details about space usage, devices that make up each segment, and tables and indexes that use it.

  1. In the Perspective Resources view, select the server to monitor, click the drop-down arrow, and select Monitor.
  2. In the left pane, select Databases.
  3. Select a database in the Databases table at the top of the window.
    The tabs at the bottom of the window are populated with information on the database you selected.
  4. Click the Segments Used tab.
  5. Each segment name is a link; click it to see more information about that segment.
    In the Segments window, the tabs at the bottom of the screen are populated with information about the selected segment.
  6. Click the tabs to see information about space usage on the segment, devices that make up the segment, and tables and indexes that are allocated on the segment.
  7. If the database uses more than one segment, return to the Databases screen to identify and click through to the remaining segments.
For more information on segments, see the System Administration Guide, Volume 2.