Uploading Diagnostic Data Via FTP

Upload field and optimizer diagnostic data in the SAP Control Center Administration Console to SAP Technical Support via FTP.

Use this process only if you are using the Diagnostic Data wizard to specify FTP upload information, or have already created a diagnostic data package on your server and have created a record name for it in the SCC repository.
To display the FTP Server window:
In the FTP Server page, complete these fields:
FTP Server Host
The FTP server to which you want to upload the diagnostic data package. Select the site closest to your region:
  • Dublin, CA: ftps. sybase.com
  • Hong Kong: ftps-apo.sybase.com
  • Maidenhead, England: ftps-emea.sybase.com
Password for login "public"
The password you obtained from SAP Technical Support to upload this package.
Case Directory Name
The case ID number SAP Technical Support has assigned to this case.
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