Setting Passwords or Disabling Default Login Accounts

Set new passwords for default user accounts if you plan to use them. If you do not plan to use the accounts, disable them. The default user accounts are sccadmin (SAP Control Center) and uafadmin (SCC agent).

Before disabling the sccadmin or uafadmin accounts:
  1. In a text editor, open the csi_config.xml file:


    • %SYBASE%\SCC-3_3\conf\csi_config.xml or
    • C:\sap\SCC-3_3\conf\csi_config.xml
    • $SYBASE/SCC-3_3/conf/csi_config.xml or
    • /opt/sap/SCC-3_3/conf/csi_config.xml
  2. Search for the account name:
    • SAP Control Center: sccadmin
    • SCC agent: uafadmin
    The block containing the account name should look similar to this:
    <!-- Default SCC admin account: sccadmin -->
    <authenticationProvider controlFlag="sufficient"
        <options name="username" value="sccadmin"/>
        <options name="password" value="{SHA-256:QZT6pRIx6l8=}sENxwVBfp65aaTjd/vAZFQAQOmkrk4Zl7iXLOFyJqCM="/>
        <options name="roles" value="SCC Administrator"/>
    <!-- Default SCC agent admin account: uafadmin -->
    <authenticationProvider controlFlag="sufficient"
        <options name="username" value="uafadmin"/>
        <options name="password" value="{SHA-256:WNATpqw76zA=}GYeAKdTRiIh1VcqmWv1k/A2pcXSHfLUBr9boP03ArKE=" />
        <options name="roles" value="SCC Agent Administrator"/>
  3. (Optional) To disable an account, comment out the sccadmin or uafadmin block of the file by moving the --> characters from the end of the first line to the end of the last line, so the last line looks like this:
    </authenticationProvider> -->

    Then skip to step 6.

  4. If you want to set passwords rather than disable the accounts, encrypt and copy a password for the sccadmin or uafadmin account. (See Encrypting a Password.)
  5. Paste the encrypted password into the value field of the password line. It looks similar to this—be sure to paste inside the double quotes:
    <options name="password" value="{SHA-256:WNATpqw76zA=}GYeAKdTRiIh1VcqmWv1k/A2pcXSHfLUBr9boP03ArKE=" />
  6. Save the file and exit.
  7. To make the new or disabled passwords take effect, restart the SCC server or agent on which the changes were made.