Encrypting a Password

Use the passencrypt utility to encrypt passwords and other values that must be kept secure while stored in text files.

You can safely store an encrypted password in a configuration file. Enter the password in clear text (unencrypted) when you execute passencrypt and when you use the password to log in.

passencrypt, which is located in the SAP Control Center bin directory, uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm for passwords used in the PreConfiguredLoginModule in csi_config.xml.

  1. Open a command window and change to the bin directory:
    • Windows: cd <SCC-install-directory>\bin
    • UNIX: cd <SCC-install-directory>/bin
  2. To encrypt a password, enter passencrypt -csi. Enter your new password at the resulting prompt.
    passencrypt encrypts the password you enter (which does not appear on the screen) and displays the password in encrypted form.
  3. Copy the encrypted password.
  4. Paste the encrypted password where needed.