Getting Started After Installing

Perform postinstallation testing and configuration.

Start SAP Control Center.
  1. Install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or later in the Web browser you will use to connect to SCC.

    Flash Player is a free plug-in. You can download the latest version from

    If Flash Player is already installed but you are not sure which version you have, go to the Adobe test site at Click the link that says Test your Adobe Flash Player installation. The version information box on the next page that appears displays your Flash Player version.

  2. To connect to SCC, direct your browser to:
    Note: If you changed the default HTTPS port during installation, use the new port number instead of 8283.
  3. (Optional) If you see an error about the security certificate, add SCC to your browser’s trusted sites zone (Internet Explorer) or add a security exception (Firefox).
  4. Log in.

    SCC provides a default login account, sccadmin, for initial configuration and setting up permanent authentication. The password is set during installation.

    Note: The sccadmin account and the preconfigured user login module on which it is based are not intended for use in a production environment. SAP recommends that you pass authentication responsibility to your operating system or to LDAP, as described in the Get Started > Setting Up Security section of the online help.

    SAP further recommends that you disable sccadmin as soon as you have set up and tested authentication, and that you change the password on the sccadmin account if you do not plan to set up and test authentication right away.

  5. (Optional) Change the password or disable sccadmin—see Changing the Password or Disabling the Default Login Account.
  6. Learn about SAP Control Center. To open the help system, click ? in the upper-right corner of the screen, or select Help > Online Documentation.