Configuring SAP Control Center

Before using SAP Control Center, perform configuration and setup tasks (including setting up security).

  1. Access the online help by doing one of the following:
    • Click ? in the upper-right corner of the SCC screen. Expand the Sybase Control Center and SAP Control Center books in the left pane of the help window.
    • Visit and select Sybase Control Center from the Select a Product list.
    • Visit and find SAP Control Center help in the documentation set for your managed product.
    The help in the product includes a module for each product component you have installed. The help on the Web includes all the help modules.
  2. Complete these configuration procedures:
    Task Location in help
    (Optional) Perform a quick start. Get Started > Quick Start for an Evaluation
    Perform setup tasks for a production environment. Get Started > Get Started in a Production Environment
    Configure SCC product modules.

    Includes registering servers, setting up statistics collection, and creating alerts.

    Note: Configuration tasks vary by component. If you have more than one SCC product module installed, follow the configuration steps for each one.