Setting up your system

Before starting QPTune, set these environment variables:

The QPTune executable is named QPTune on UNIX and QPTune.bat on Windows and is found in:

For complete syntax and reference information on QPTune, see “QPTune reference information”.

To verify your environment and installation, and for information on basic syntax, run QPTune with the -h option:

QPTune –h

Sample output in a Windows environment:

QPTune <Version 3.0> Windows/Unix Built: Fri Jan 21 14:00:15 PDT 2009
QPTune [-U <username>] [-P <password>] [-S <hostname:port/database>]
[-A <action 
[-M <mode>] [-T <appTime>] [-i <inputFile>] [-o <outputFile>] 
[-f <fileList(,)>] [-c <configFile>] [-l <limit>] [-e <evalField>] 
[-d <diff%(,diff_abs)>] [-m <missingCount>] [-n <login>] [-J <charset>] 
[-N (noexec)] [-g (applyOptgoal)][-v (verbose)] [-s (sort)] [-h (help)]
QPTune -U sa -P -S WUXP:5000/scenario -A collect -M allrows_mix -T 0 
-o metrics.xml -c config.xml -e elap_avg -d 5,5 -l 5 -i metrics.xml 
-f a1.xml,a2.xml,a3.xml -v -s

NoteOnly users with sa_role and sso_role can run QPTune actions, except for compare, which may be run by any user.