Chapter 2: QPTune

QPTune is an Adaptive Server utility that is written in Java/XML. It enables users to identify the best query plan, optimization goals, or other configuration settings, and apply them at the server or query level. This results in optimal performance of subsequent query executions. Once you have identified the best settings for application queries, you can export and apply them to production servers.

QPTune allows users to:

Use QPTune to analyze and compare any number of configuration settings or Adaptive Server installations to generate a performance impact analysis report, or to perform plan fixes without degrading Adaptive Server’s performance. Adaptive Server gathers metrics with simple select statements and stores it in stored procedure or statement caches. Adaptive Server fixes query plans using DDL statements that have little impact on the overall performance of the system. In addition, QPTune allows different threshold levels for monitoring, thereby reducing the metrics that need to be collected.