No more alarms available

Message text

uasetalarm: no more alarms available


The Transact-SQL command waitfor defines a specific time, time interval, or an event for the execution of a statement block, stored procedure, or transaction. Adaptive Server uses alarms to carry out waitfor commands correctly.

The number of alarms needed by Adaptive Server is related to the requirements of an application and the number of instances of that application being run simultaneously. The maximum number of alarms available for use by Adaptive Server is controlled by the number of alarms configuration parameter.

When Adaptive Server needs more than the number of alarms available, this message is written to the error log.


  1. Determine the current value of the configuration parameter number of alarms:

    1> sp_configure "number of alarms"
    2> go
  2. Change the value of number of alarms to a value larger than the current value:

    1> sp_configure "number of alarms", <new_value>
    2> go
  3. Shut down and restart Adaptive Server.

    NoteEach alarm structure uses 20 bytes of memory. If you raise the value of number of alarms significantly, re-adjust Adaptive Server’s memory use accordingly.