Error 3240



Message text

Unable to obtain the SQL Server's current working irectory.  The SQL Server must have search permission on its current working directory and the name must be shorter than %d bytes.


Dumps and loads are performed by an Open Server program known as Backup Server. When you issue a dump database or load database command, Adaptive Server communicates certain information about its working environment to Backup Server. Error 3240 is raised when Adaptive Server is unable to determine its current working directory for Backup Server.


This error commonly occurs when Adaptive Server is started from a directory other than the sybase home directory; the user ID of the user starting Adaptive Server may not have the appropriate permissions for the directory from which it was started.

To resolve the error, check that the SYBASE variable is set to the correct sybase home directory and is no longer than 255 bytes.

Make corrections if necessary, and restart Adaptive Server.

Additional information

Scripts that start up Adaptive Server must always set the directory to the sybase home directory before starting Adaptive Server.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions