Error 3233



Message text

%s for database '%S_DBID' failed:  an alarm function could not be installed.


Dumps and loads are performed by an Open Server program named Backup Server. In preparation for the dump, Adaptive Server must install an alarm function, which is a timing mechanism required during the dump. Using the alarm function, Backup Server goes into a “sleep” state at an appropriate point and awaken periodically to check the progress of the dump.

Error 3233 is raised when you perform a dump, but there are not enough alarms available to allow Adaptive Server to install an alarm function for the dump, causing the dump to abort.


Available alarms are controlled by the configuration parameter number of alarms. To resolve the problem, change the value of number of alarms to a number larger than the current value.

Refer to “No more alarms available” in the Configuration Parameters chapter of the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for directions on increasing the number of alarms.

Because the waitfor command uses alarms, frequent use of this command can also lead to 3233 errors. Check your use of this command in statement blocks, stored procedures, and transactions.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions