Error 1141



Message text

Unexpected value returned to page manager routine: %ld.


Adaptive Server uses object allocation map (OAM) pages to track space allocation for Adaptive Server objects. Error 1141 occurs when Adaptive Server tries to update an OAM page following page allocation or deallocation, but the update fails.

Error 1141 can be raised:

The error is raised in the following states, which indicate the specific page manager activity where the OAM update failed. Pages in a given state may involve all-pages-locked (APL) tables, data-only-locked (DOL) tables, temporary work tables or sort tables, or combinations thereof.




There was an unexpected error when determining whether to update the page counts.


OAM update failed when allocating extents; also when deallocating one or more pages in an extent.


Update failed when doing post-commit cleanup following deallocation.


Update failed when allocating an extent for an APL table.


Update failed when deallocating an extent for an APL table.


Update failed when deallocating an extent for an APL table, and there were no unused pages in extent.


Update failed when performing OAM reallocation. Applies to both APL and DOL tables.


Update failed when deallocating an extent for sort pages.


Update failed when committing large-scale page deallocations (for example, extents with no pages allocated).

When error 1141 occurs, a stack trace is written to the error log and the current process is terminated.


Other errors may sometimes accompany the 1141 error. For example, error 1105 (see “Error 1105”) can also be raised when the tempdb transaction log becomes full. If other errors are reported, correct them using the information about those errors elsewhere in this manual. Then retry the transaction.

To check if error 1141 resulted from a full transaction log, use the procedures outlined in the Chapter 6 section “Estimating the transaction log size” of the System Administration Guide: Volume 2.

If the 1141 error persists after you have checked for other errors and corrected any log space problems, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Have the information ready that is listed in “Reporting errors” before calling Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions