Error 1161



Message text

Invalid OAM entry found at slot %d for table ID %d in database `%.*s` (ID %d). This entry is either out of order or its allocation page number is wrong.


This error occurs when a problem is detected for an object allocation map (OAM) page used by a table. The error indicates that either the mapping to allocation pages is scrambled (normally allocation pages in use by the object should be mapped in increasing numeric order) or an allocation page being pointed to has the wrong page number.


To clear the problem, and to check whether there are any additional problems with the table, run dbcc tablealloc (with the fix option) on the table mentioned in the error message. For example, if the error mentions the titles table, run:

dbcc tablealloc(titles,full,fix) 

If additional errors are detected, check the most recent version of the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide for appropriate actions to take to resolve the problems, or contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Additional information

Each table and index on a table has an OAM. The OAM is stored on pages allocated to the table or index and is checked when a new page is needed for the index or table. One OAM page can hold allocation mapping for 2,000 to 63,750 data or index pages.

The OAM pages point to the allocation page for each allocation unit where the object uses space. The allocation pages, in turn, track the information about extent and page usage within the allocation unit. In other words, if the titles table is stored on extents 24 and 272, the OAM page for the titles table points to pages 0 and 256.

Additional details on OAM pages can be found in the chapter “Checking Database Consistency” in the Adaptive Server Enterprise System Administration Guide: Volume 2.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 15.0 and later