Error 2806



Message text

Stored procedure '%.*s' is corrupted.  Must re-create procedure.

NoteThis error can be caused to hardware problems.


Procedure buffers are data structures that manage Adaptive Server stored procedures (and other compiled objects like triggers, rules, defaults, check constraints, and views) in the procedure cache. The server uses one procedure buffer for every copy of a named object stored in the procedure cache.

The Procedure Buffer Manager maintains an array of procedure buffers in memory, and controls and synchronizes access to procedure buffers. It maintains a usage count to determine whether a procedure buffer is in use.

Error 2806 is raised when the Procedure Buffer Manager detects one of these problems:

Error 2806 results from corrupted procedure buffers, which can be related to hardware or operating system problems.


Additional information

Have the information listed in “Reporting errors” ready if you call Sybase Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions