Error 3462



Message text

Database '%.*s': upgrade could not install optional upgrade item '%d'. Please refer to previous error messages to determine the problem. Upgrade will continue.


An optional upgrade item is part of Adaptive Server’s upgrade process, but is not critical for a succesful upgrade. Error 3462 means that the upgrade task did not complete, but the problem did not prevent the upgrade process from continuing.

This error is preceded by other messages related to the upgrade problem.


Check for other upgrade messages just prior to the 3462 error. After upgrade completes, correct the problem using the write-ups for those messages that are listed in this guide.

If you are upgrading, and the upgrade process encounters duplicate rows in the syskeys system table, the 3462 error may be accompanied by error 2615 (see “Error 2615”). This happens because the upgrade exposes a previously hidden column, spare1, setting its contents to zero. If the database previously contained two or more syskeys rows that were identical except for this column, attempting to set syskeys.spare1 to zero will produce 2615 errors, accompanied by 3462 errors.

NoteThe duplicate syskeys entries are not caused by the upgrade process; rather, the upgrade process reveals such entries if they exist.

If you see 2615 errors during upgrade:

  1. Make sure that you are upgrading using one of the recommended migration paths.

  2. After upgrade completes, you still must correct the problem by removing duplicate syskeys rows. Follow the steps for resolving error 2615 in “Case 2”.

Additional information

Call Sybase Technical Support. Have the information ready that is listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions