Error 6103



Message text

Unable to do cleanup for the killed process; received Msg %d.


Upon termination of any Adaptive Server process, the server attempts to clean up by releasing resources used by the terminated process. Error 6103 occurs when the server is unable to complete this cleanup. The “Msg %d” appearing in the 6103 message text identifies the error that was received during cleanup.

Error 6103 usually occurs after some other error or when an Adaptive Server process is aborted. This error can be serious, causing data corruption or an abnormal Adaptive Server shutdown.

Error 6103 is usually caused by the errors that occurred before it or by an Adaptive Server problem.


Review the error log to identify errors that occurred before the 6103 error. Use the information in this manual to recover from those errors. If the other errors are not covered in this manual, call Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

To recover from error 6103 after reviewing other errors in the error log, shut down and restart Adaptive Server.

If you cannot perform an Adaptive Server shutdown, kill the Server process at the operating system level.

Run dbcc checkdb for the database that was being accessed by the killed process to determine whether data corruption has occurred. If other errors are displayed when dbcc checkdb is run, refer to the write-ups in this manual for those errors to determine how to recover from them.

If the 6103 error occurs again or resources (such as locks) are not released, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Refer to “kill” and “shutdown” in the Reference Manual: Commands. If you need to contact Sybase Technical support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions