Error 3201



Message text

No dump device has been specified.

NoteThis error can be caused by a hardware problem.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server is unable to access a dump device during a database dump. This error is fatal and stops the dump from completing.

Error 3201 is usually caused by one of the following conditions:


  1. Verify that the device you specified is defined for your Adaptive Server:

    1> select * from master..sysdevices
    2> where status = 16 or status = 24
    3> go
    low  high   status   cntrltype   name        phyname     mirrorname
    --- ------ -------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ---------
    0   20000  16       2           tapedump1   /dev/rmt4   NULL
    0   20000  16       3           tapedump2   /dev/rst0   NULL

    If the device is not there, use sp_addumpdevice to add the device.

  2. At the operating system level, check the permissions for the dump device and for user “sybase” or the user performing the dump (read and write privileges are required).

  3. If you still have not resolved the error, check the operating system error log for operating system errors. If no errors are logged in the operating system error log and there are no other errors in the Adaptive Server or Backup Server error log, contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Additional information

Refer to “Specifying the Database and Dump Device” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 for information.

If you call Technical Support, have the information on hand that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the output from select * from sysdevices.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions