Error 5861



Message text

Version 12.5 and later

The current ’max memory’ value ’%ld’, is not sufficient to change the parameter ’%s’ to ’%ld’. ’max memory’ should be greater than ’total logical memory’ ’%ld’ required for the configuration.

Version 12.0.x and earlier

The ’total memory’, ’%ld’, is not enough to change the parameter ’%s’ to ’%ld’. 


In versions 12.0.x and earlier, the total memory configuration parameter sets the size of memory, in 2K units, that Adaptive Server allocates from the operating system.

Error 5861 occurs when you try to change the value of the parameter named in the error message to the value shown in the error message because the value of the total memory parameter is not high enough to support the change.

If the error occurs when you are running sp_configure, the value you asked to be changed is not changed. If the error occurs during start-up (after you modified the configuration file), Adaptive Server does not start.


In version 12.0.x and earlier, if the error occurred when you were running sp_configure, specify a lower value for the parameter you are changing or raise the value of the total memory parameter. Then enter your original command again.

If the error occurred while you were starting Adaptive Server, edit the configuration file to make the changes, and then start Adaptive Server.

In version 12.5 and later, check that the memory available to the server is large enough to accommodate the total logical memory required by your configuration.

Additional information

Refer to “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for information about configuration parameters.

See “Configuring Memory” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 to help you determine appropriate values for memory-related configuration parameters.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions