Error 3143



Message text

The master database you are attempting to load was dumped under a different sort order id (%d) or character set id (%d) than the one running on this server (sort order id = %d, character set id = %d). 


Either the character set or the sort order (or both) of the master database dump differs from the current values in the Adaptive Server. It is possible that the current character set is not even available in syscharsets in the master database being loaded, so this must be disallowed.


Change the character set or sort order of the running server to match the master database being loaded. If necessary, use trace flag 3100 to allow the load to continue.

WARNING! Use this trace flag only after you verify that the server character set or sort order exists in syscharsets of the master database being loaded.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version and later