Error 3144



Message text

Since this load may render the master database unusable, this load will only be permitted under the 3100 traceflag. Please contact Sybase Technical Support regarding the correct usage of this traceflag.


This message is raised when there is a mismatch of either character set or sort order between the server configuration and the values in the master database dump. It is possible that the current server character set is not even available in syscharsets in the master database being loaded, so this must be disallowed. This message always appear after error 3143 is raised.


If it is not possible to change the character set and sort order of the running server to match the master database dump, use the trace flag 3100 to allow the dump to be loaded.

WARNING! Use this flag only after you verify that the server character set or sort order exists in syscharsets of the master database dump being loaded. If you use trace flag 3100 to force the load of a master database dump without proper entries in syscharsets, the master database will be unusable, and must be recreated.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version and later