Error 693



Message text

Multiple copies of logical page '%ld' from database '%d' reside in more than one cache. This is an internal system error. Please contact Sybase Technical Support.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server tries to access an object but is unable to establish the identity of a logical page for the object. Copies of the page are found in more than one cache, and the current session is accessing the wrong version.

Error 693 is caused by an Adaptive Server problem. It results in a stack trace and breaks your connection to Adaptive Server.


  1. Check the server error log for other errors that may have been raised prior to the 693 error. Save the entire error log.

  2. Obtain cache information by running dbcc page as soon as possible, using the database ID and page number shown in the message:

    1> dbcc page (<db_id>, <page_number>, 0, 1, 1, -1)
    2> go

    WARNING! Use the dbcc page command only as directed above. This command is undocumented, nonstandard, and is provided “as is” without any warranty. Sybase Technical Support does not support this command for general use. Although the command syntax is provided here for reference, you should use this command only in the specific diagnostic situations described, and with the specific syntax shown in this section. Failure to do so could cause performance problems and/or database corruption.

  3. Contact Sybase Technical Support with the information you collected.

Additional information

Refer to “Error 605” for a complete list of related object mismatch errors.

Have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors” before calling Sybase Technical Support, including the output of the dbcc checks.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions