Error 1514



Message text

Page allocated to sort found to be busy. Page number %ld.  %S_BUF.


During index creation, Adaptive Server allocates and uncaches pages to sort the table’s rows. The sort routine double checks whether a page allocated for the sort is in the data cache. If it is in the cache, the page cannot be used, the sort operation fails and error 1514 is raised.

Failure to sort means that the index creation fails; consequently 4313 errors often accompany error 1514.


If error 1514 is raised in an isolated case during index creation on a specific table, run dbcc checktable on the table. If errors are reported, try to fix them using the sections in this manual that describe those errors, then use one of these options to recover from error 1514:

If the problem persists, or is not isolated to one table, contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions