Error 1530



Message text

Create index with sorted_data was aborted because of row out of order. Primary key of first out of order row is '%S_KEY'


The sorted_data option speeds creation of an index when the data in the table is already in sorted order. The speed increase becomes significant on tables larger than 1GB.

Error 1530 occurs when you try to create an index with the sorted_data option on a column or columns containing data that is not in sorted order.

When this error occurs, no index is created.

NoteThe sorted_data option speeds index creation only for clustered indexes or unique nonclustered indexes. Creating a nonunique, nonclustered index with the sorted_data option may succeed, but there is no improvement in performance.


To create an index after getting a 1530 error, do one of the following:

Additional information

Refer to “create index” in the Reference Manual: Commands for information about indexes.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions