Error 232



Message text

Arithmetic overflow error for type %s, value = %f.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server detects an arithmetic overflow error during execution of a SQL statement. Arithmetic overflows occur when a variable has too few places to store the converted data. In particular, error 232 is raised when an overflow occurs for a variable of datatype float.

Error 232 can occur during execution of the convert function. It can also occur during implicit conversion within Adaptive Server, either during a stored procedure run or during execution of a SQL statement which converts a float value to some other datatype.


Determine which variable is causing the problem based on the datatype reported in the error message output and the SQL statement on which the error occurred. If the error occurs within a stored procedure, an additional error message displays showing the name of the stored procedure and the line number where the error occurred.

Increase the size of the variable that is causing the error. If it is in a procedure, re-create the procedure.

If this error occurs on a Sybase-supplied system stored procedure, contact Sybase Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions