Error 229



Message text

%s permission denied on object %S_OBJID, database %S_DBID, owner %.*s


This error occurs when Adaptive Server attempts to access an object for which you do not have the appropriate permission.

Error 229 can occur during any transaction which involves objects, such as bcp, select, or update.

This error causes a rollback of the current transaction. Remaining commands in the batch are not executed and processing continues at the next batch.


Check permission on the object named in the error message:

1> use <database_name>
2> go
1> sp_helprotect <object_name>
2> go

Where <database_name> is the name of the database in the error message and <object_name> is the name of the object in the error message.

Grant the needed permission to the object (you either need to own the object or be the “sa” to do this). For example, to give Mary permission to insert into and delete from the titles table, type the following:

1> grant insert, delete
2> on titles
3> to mary
4> go

Additional information

Refer to “Managing User Permissions” in the most recent version of the Adaptive Server System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for detailed information about permissions.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions