Error 9122



Message text

The log transfer process lost its connection to the LTM for database ’%.*s’. Once the LTM re-establishes the connection, replication will continue with no data loss.


Through version 11.0.3 of Replication Server, the Log Transfer Manager (LTM), a replication system component, reads the transaction log of the Adaptive Server database being replicated and transfers this information to the Replication Server.

Error 9122 is raised if Replication Server or the LTM are shut down improperly; if the shut down occurs while sending data, Adaptive Server is unable to disconnect the LTM connection normally, resulting in a 9122 error and stack trace.


Error 9122 is not a serious error. Once you restart Replication Server and the LTM, the log transfer process resumes normally.

To prevent future occurrences of this error, perform a log suspend before shutting down the LTM.

Versions in which this error is raised

11.0.3 and earlier