Error 9287



Message text

%S_REPAGNT. The data at (%d, %d) is skipped because it contains data wider than the Replication Server, '%.*s', can handle. Check the 'data limits filter mode' configuration parameter..


Error 9287 is raised if:

Refer to Appendix B in the Replication Server Design Guide for more information about Replication Server and log transfer language (LTL) compatibility.


Upgrade Replication Server to a version where the LTL version is 700 or later to support the larger identifiers and column size, or avoid replicating tables that use wide columns and large identifiers.

Additional information

The data limits filter mode Replication Agent configuration parameter specifies how Replication Agent handles log records containing new, wider columns and parameters, or larger column and parameter counts, before attempting to send them to Replication Server. Valid values are:

WARNING! Warning: Sybase recommends that you do not use the data limits filter mode “off” setting with Replication Server 12.1 or earlier, which can cause Replication Agent to skip or truncate the wide data or to stop.The default value of data limits filter mode depends on the Replication Server version. For Replication Server versions 12.1 and earlier, the default value is “stop.” For Replication Server versions 12.5 and later, the default is set to “off.”

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5 and later