Error 1808



Message text

Crdb_disk: Getnext SCAN_NOINDEX on sysdevices.status=DEFAULT failed to find default rows


This error occurs during execution of a create or alter database command when you do not specify a device and no disk device is defined as the default disk for an Adaptive Server.

By default, the master device is defined as a default disk. If you have used the stored procedure sp_diskdefault to turn off default for the master device:

1> sp_diskdefault master, defaultoff
2> go

and you have not used sp_diskdefault to specify another default disk device:

1> sp_diskdefault <dev_name>, defaulton
2> go

Where <dev_name> is the new default disk device. Afterward, you will not have any devices defined as default devices and error 1808 will occur when you run create or alter database.


Select one of the following options:

Method 1


1> sp_helpdevice
2> go

If you see a line such as:

device_name  physical_name  description
master       d_master       special,default disk,physical disk,17.00MB

where “default disk” is listed, that device will be used by create or alter database when the on <dev_name> clause is omitted for allocation for the database. If no entries have “default disk” in the description field, you do not have any disk devices defined as default.

Method 2

You can determine whether you have any disk devices defined as default by checking whether the first bit of the status column in sysdevices is turned on for any devices:

1> select status, name from sysdevices
2> where status & 1 = 1
3> go
 status name
------ ------------------------------ 
     3 master                         

Additional information

Refer to the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about sp_diskdefault.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions