Error 1803



Message text

CREATE DATABASE failed. Could not allocate enough disk space for a new database on the disks named in the command. Total space allocated must be at least %d Mbytes (%ld 2048-byte pages) to accommodate copy of Model Database.


When you issue a create database command, Adaptive Server:

Error 1803 is raised when Adaptive Server is unable to allocate the space required for the model database on the specified devices.


Make sure that the available space on the database device you specified (or the available space on the default device) will accommodate the model database.

To check the size of model, use the following command:

1> sp_helpdb model 
2> go

To check the space available on the device, first use the following commands to check the space already allocated to other databases on the device:

1> use master
2> go

Then enter the following commands, depending on the version of Adaptive Server Enterprise you are using:

Subtract the sum from the total space on your physical device to determine the available space on the database device.

Additional information

Refer to “model database” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 and “create database” in the Reference Manual: Commands for more information.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions