Error 903



Message text

Unable to find row in sysindexes for clustered  index on system catalog %d in database %d. This index should exist in all  databases. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysindexes in the database.

NoteThis error can be caused by a hardware problem.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server is unable to access the sysindexes table for a database.

Error 903 can occur under the following circumstances when Adaptive Server accesses sysindexes:

Possible causes of error 903 are:


Determine whether the device on which the database resides is damaged and solve any problems that exist.

If the database named in the error message is accessible, run dbcc checkdb and dbcc checkcatalog to determine whether the database is corrupted. If the database is corrupted, restore it from backup.

If you cannot find any device problems and the database is not corrupted, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Before calling Technical Support, have the information listed in “Reporting errors” available, including the output from:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions