Error 18750



Message text

The command ’%1!’ can not be run in this server. The server is currently configured with mode ’%2!’.


In the Adaptive Server Enterprises High Availability (HA) cluster configuration, two nodes in a cluster can take over each other’s workload in the event of a failure; once the problem with the primary is resolved, you can use failback to move the primary companion’s shared disks from the secondary node back to the primary node and start the primary companion on the primary node.

Error 18750 is raised if you try to assign a (primary or secondary) server to a mode that is incompatible with its current state. For example, the error is raised if you issue sp_companion ’prepare_failback’ on the secondary companion, but the secondary is not in the correct state for failback.


Take the following steps:

  1. Check the companion mode of your servers by issuing the following on both primary and secondary servers:

    1> select @@cmpstate
    2> go

    This command returns a value denoting the current companion mode. Refer to “Determining the companion’s mode” in the chapter “Modes of Failover” in Using Sybase Failover in a High-Availability System for a description of the return values.

  2. Check that the command that raised the 18750 message (appearing in the message text) is compatible with the server’s companion mode. For example, you cannot issue a suspend command to a server currently in failover mode.

There are situations when the 18750 message requires corrective action. For example, if you issued prepare_failback and your primary companion is in normal companion mode but the secondary companion is in secondary failover mode, you must recover from this inconsistent state manually. The process involves shutting down both servers, restarting the secondary and repairing any suspect databases on the secondary. The steps for achieving this are platform-specific.

Additional information

Refer to the “Troubleshooting” section in the configuration chapter that matches your platform in Using Sybase Failover in a High-Availability System.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.0 and later