Error 804



Message text

Unable to find buffer 0x%lx holding logical page %ld in sdes 0x%lx kept buffer pool for object '%.*s'.

Note“sdes” is an abbreviation for “session descriptors.” Refer to “Error 603” for information about session descriptors.


A session descriptor is an internal data structure in Adaptive Server that contains information about a table. All open objects in Adaptive Server require a descriptor structure. Whenever a connection to Adaptive Server attempts to open a table, it gets a session descriptor.

To ensure that a buffer read by the session remains in the buffer cache and does not age out, Adaptive Server “keeps” the buffer. The session descriptor contains eight slots where buffers that are “kept” by the session are stored.

Error 804 occurs when Adaptive Server cannot find the pointer to a buffer header in a session descriptor. This error can be transient.


When an 804 error occurs, restart Adaptive Server as soon as possible. If additional 804 errors occur, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Before contacting Sybase Technical Support, be prepared to provide the complete text of all error messages an have the information on hand listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions