dopen error

Message text

dopen: open ’%s’, %s\n


A dopen error is raised when Adaptive Server is unable to complete an asynchronous or synchronous disk I/O operation on a UNIX platform. For example:

00:1999/12/26 22:59:10.97 kernel  dopen: open ’/dev/vx/rdsk/db01076_m’,
No such file or directory

dopen errors can occur during the Adaptive Server startup sequence, or during an engine startup. Depending on the nature of the problem, this error may be accompanied by other messages such as dopen errors or numbered errors. A dopen error aborts the startup sequence.


Examine the server error log and note the exact dopen message text, the text immediately preceding and following the message, and any subsequent errors in the log. Corrective action depends on the type of problem encountered:

dopen: open ’%s’, no such file or directory

Make sure that the device, identified by the path shown in the message, exists and is correctly specified in the RUN_<server> file.

NoteEach time a new Adaptive Server, Backup Server, or Monitor Server is created, the srvbuild program creates a RUN_<server> file that contains the information required to restart that server. RUN_<server> files are created in the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install directory. For Adaptive Server, the RUN_<server> file is named RUN_<server_name>, where <server_name> is the actual name of the server that was specified during installation.For example, the RUN_<server_name> file name for an Adaptive Server named TEST is RUN_TEST.For Backup Server and Monitor Server, the RUN_<server_name> files are named RUN_<servername>_back and RUN_<servername>_mon, respectively, where <servername> is the actual name of the server.

If the device no longer exists, restore it from known, clean backups.

dopen: open ’%s’, permission denied

Check permissions on the directory or disk file shown in the message. Verify that the account starting the server has the appropriate permissions.

dopen: open ’%s’, I/O error

Since Adaptive Server reports this error when its I/O operation does not receive a successful return value, this type of dopen error can be an early warning of disk problems. Examine the availability and condition of the device using your standard operating system procedures.

If you use mirroring, a kdconfig error following a dopen I/O error may indicate a mirror problem. For example:

00:99/05/26 16:05:29.64 kernel kdconfig: opening secondary master device
00:99/05/26 16:05:29.65 kernel dopen: open "", No such file or directory
00:99/05/26 16:05:29.65 kernel kdconfig: unable to read secondary master

Refer to “udunmirror errors” for information about resolving mirror problems.

Additional information

When you call Sybase Technical Support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the RUN_<server> file.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions