Error 2110



Message text

The proccreate() function is trying to put too many lock requests in the lock_requests[] array.


When you create and modify triggers (and other stored objects such as procedures, views, and rules), Adaptive Server uses the proccreate function to update the appropriate system tables. As an example, Adaptive Server uses this function to write the text of a trigger into the syscomments table. Depending on the action requested, proccreate must acquire locks on the objects being created and any objects affected by the created object.

For example, since a table can only have one trigger for each operation (create, update or delete), a new trigger on a table for the same operation overwrites any previous trigger for that operation. proccreate must be able to lock the new trigger as well as the existing trigger.

Error 2110 is raised when you attempt to create a new trigger or other stored object on a table, or when you attempt to overwrite an existing trigger, and proccreate is unable to acquire the necessary locks on the objects in question.




Could not acquire a lock for a trigger or other object being created.


Could not lock an existing delete trigger on this object.


Could not lock an existing insert trigger on this object.


Could not lock an existing update trigger on this object.


Could not lock the table to which the trigger is being attached.

Error 2110 breaks the connection to the Adaptive Server.


Take the following steps to correct the problem.

  1. Retry the object creation.

  2. If the error was raised with state 5, and the target table is newly created, check your trigger creation code to be sure that the table’s create statement is committed before attempting trigger creation.

  3. If the above steps do not resolve the problem, error 2110 may be due to an Adaptive Server problem. Contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Additional information

When calling Technical support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the text of the trigger that raises the error.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions