Error 12330



Message text

An attempt was made to fetch logical page `%d` with partition ID `%d`, index ID `%d` from %S_PTNINFO. No partition with ID `%d` was found in this object. This indicates an ASE internal error and does not indicate data corruption.


The partition mismatch occurred during an attempt to handle a buffer in memory. This indicates a fatal Adaptive Server internal error (and not data corruption on disk.)


It is possible that the 12330 error indicates a transient problem in Adaptive Server. Re-run the affected query.

Additional information

If error 12330 persists, it may be necessary to gather a configurable shared memory dump (CSMD). See “Obtaining a CSMD” in the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 15.0 and later