Error 551



Message text

An unknown EVAL was sent to the execution  module.


The instructions Adaptive Server creates to run a query are in an evaluation list that contains instruction-argument pairs. Error 551 occurs when Adaptive Server receives an illegal instruction. It is probably caused by an incorrectly compiled query tree.


Drop and re-create the procedure or trigger being run:

  1. If you do not have a script for re-creating your procedure or trigger, get the text of the procedure or trigger:

    1> use <database_name>
    2> go1> sp_helptext <object_name>
    2> go

    Where <database_name> is the name of the database in which the procedure or trigger resides and <object_name> is the name of the procedure or trigger.

    Alternatively, use the defncopy program to copy the procedure or trigger definition to a file. Refer to “defncopy” in the chapter “Utility Commands Reference” of the Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0 Utility Guide for details.

  2. Drop the procedure or trigger:

    1> drop procedure <object_name>
    2> go


    1> drop trigger <object_name>
    2> go
  3. Re-create the procedure or trigger. Refer to “create procedure” and “create trigger” in the Reference Manual: Commands for instructions.

Additional information

If error 551 persists, create a scenario to reproduce the problem and contact Sybase Technical Support. Be sure to have the information on hand listed in “Reporting errors”, including a copy of the query that raised the error.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions