Error 2501



Message text

Table named %.*s not found; check sysobjects.


This error occurs when a dbcc command is run if Adaptive Server is unable to find the table name (or ID) in sysobjects.

Error 2501 can occur when running any of the following dbcc commands:

WARNING! Because this error can be serious and indicates possible corruption, you must correct the error immediately.


If this error occurs on a command for which you have specified a table name, check to make sure you have spelled the table name correctly:

1> select * from sysobjects
2> go

If this error occurs because the entry for an object has been removed from sysobjects but the object is still referenced by some other system tables, call Sybase Technical Support. They will help you try to remove the references to that object from other system tables.

Additional information

Before calling Technical Support, have the information available that is listed on “Reporting errors”, including the of dbcc checkalloc and dbcc checkdb.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions