Error 247



Message text

Arithmetic overflow during %S_MSG conversion of %s value '%s' to a %s field.


Error 247 occurs when Adaptive Server attempts to convert a given value from one data type to another, but is unable to do so because of incompatibilities between the datatypes, or when the receiving field (the “to” field in the message) does not have a range large enough to accommodate the converted value.

The error may be raised during either explicit or implicit conversions. Explicit conversions occur when a query explicitly requests a conversion with the convert, inttohex, or hextoint functions.

Implicit conversions occur when Adaptive Server is required to perform certain types of comparisons between heterogeneous datatypes, and when the server stores and retrieves data. Adaptive Server automatically handles many such conversions from one datatype to another, but may be unable to handle the conversion due to the reasons mentioned above.

For example:

1> create table deliver_dates
2> (itemno int,
3> dlydate smalldatetime)
4> go

1> insert into deliver_dates
2> values (42298, '12/12/2080')
3> go
Line 1: Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of VARCHAR value '12/12/2080' to a SMALLDATETIME field.

The date value being inserted is outside the range of SMALLDATETIME.


Check the following problem areas when error 247 is raised:

Additional information

Be sure to have the information listed in “Reporting errors” when you contact Sybase Technical Support, including the text of the query that produced the error.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions