Error 950



Message text

Database '%.*s' is currently offline. Please wait and try your command again later.


The Adaptive Server Database Context Manager controls access to databases. Any process opening or closing a database must do so through this subsystem. Error 950 is raised when the Database Context Manager is unable to honor a database access request because the database is offline, and is not available for general use.

During a load database, Adaptive Server takes the database being loaded offline and the database remains in this state until it is brought back online.

During an Adaptive Server installation upgrade, a database is marked offline when loading the transaction log that is to be upgraded. You may see 950 errors:


If a load is in progress, complete the load sequence (including any loads of transaction log dumps), then use online database to make the database available for use.

If this error is raised due to an upgrade failure, the corrective action depends on several factors:

Refer to “Recovering from a failed installation” in the “Troubleshooting” chapter of the installation and configuration guide for your platform to determine how to proceed.

Additional information

If you use Replication Server, you must disable replication before attempting to upgrade. Refer to your platform’s Adaptive Server installation guide for further information. For example, if you are upgrading, see “Appendix B: Upgrading Servers with Replicated Databases” in the appropriate installation guide..

When you call Sybase Technical Support, have the information listed in “Reporting errors” on hand.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions