Completing the database setup worksheet

Make a copy of “Database setup worksheet” for each database you plan to add to the replication system.

Each primary or replicate database in your replication system is managed by a Replication Server. The database may also require a Replication Agent. See “Which databases require Replication Agents?” for more information.

See the Replication Server Design Guide for guidelines on configuring character sets, languages, and sort orders in your replication system.

See the Replication Server Administration Guide for more information about login names for replication system components.

Replication Server information

Use the information in this section to complete the “Replication Server information” section of the worksheet, which identifies the Replication Server that will manage the database. The Replication Server must be installed and running before you can add the database to the replication system:

Replication Server interfaces information

Copy the information for the “Replication Server interfaces information” section from the Replication Server installation worksheet you completed for the Replication Server that will manage this database. Since the Replication Server is already installed, you do not have to enter this information again unless you start rs_init in a release directory that uses a different interfaces file.

Database information

The “Database information” section of the worksheet identifies the database you are adding to the replication system:

Logical connection information

Complete the “Logical connection information” section of the worksheet only if you are adding a database that is part of a warm standby database application.

NoteSetting up a warm standby application requires that you perform additional tasks in the Replication Server before and after you use rs_init to add the databases to the replication system. See Chapter 3 of “Managing Warm Standby Applications,” in the Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2.

Database RepAgent information

Complete the “Database RepAgent information” section of the worksheet if the database requires a RepAgent, and you selected Yes for “Will the database be replicated?”