sysadmin system_version


Displays or sets the system-wide version number for the replication system, allowing you to use the software features in the corresponding release level.

Starting with release 11.5, the site version for individual Replication Servers also enables new features. The system version number need not correspond to the current software version.


sysadmin system_version [, version]



The system version number to use for the replication system.

Valid system version numbers include 1200, 1210, 1250, 1260, and 1500, which correspond to Replication Server versions. Maintenance releases may support higher system version numbers.

Refer to the Replication Server release bulletin for your platform for information about supported system version numbers.


Example 1

Executed at the ID Server, displays the current system version number:

sysadmin system_version

Example 2

Executed at the ID Server, changes the system version number to correspond to release 15.0. You can use this number if:

sysadmin system_version, 1500


System version number and 11.0.x and earlier releases

System version and site version

Mixed-version replication systems

If all of your Replication Servers are at release 11.0.2 or later, the highest required setting for the system version number is 1102. After setting the system version number to 1102, you may never need to set it again.

A 1102 system version number and site version numbers for individual Replication Servers allows a mixed-version replication system, in which Replication Servers of release 11.0.2 or 11.0.3 or later can work together with Replication Servers of release 11.5 or later. Each Replication Server can use its full set of available features. See sysadmin site_version for more information.

For more information about features that were introduced in a particular Replication Server software release, see What’s New in Replication Server for that release.

System version and the ID Server

In Replication Servers other than the ID Server, when a command is executed that requires a certain minimum system version, the Replication Server contacts the ID Server to determine the current system version number before allowing use of the command.

For example, create function replication definition was introduced at release 11.0, and requires a minimum system version number of 1100. If the system version number is at 1011, corresponding to release 10.1.1, you cannot use this command.

System tables for version information

Version information is stored in the rs_version system table. The rs_routes system table also contains version information.


sysadmin system_version requires “sa” permission.

See also

admin version, sysadmin site_version