The data in the DataWindow object described in HTML table format. This property is used in the process of dynamically creating Web pages from a database.

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Some presentation styles translate better into HTML than others. The Tabular, Group, Freeform, Crosstab, and Grid presentation styles produce good results. The Composite, TreeView, and Graph presentation styles produce HTML tables based on the result set only and not on the presentation style. DataWindows with overlapping controls in them might not produce the desired results. Nested reports are ignored; they are not included in the generated HTML.

The generated HTML for Data.HTMLTable is a read-only HTML Table element that includes:

Data.HTMLTable is not affected by the HTMLDW property and does not generate a client control with events and support for scripting in the Web page.

The values of HTMLGen.Browser and HTMLGen.Version affect the generated HTML. Setting these properties causes the generated HTML to be optimized for a specific level of HTML support or specific browser using style sheets and absolute positioning, if possible. For more information, see

The resulting HTML table does not allow data entry.

An easy way to see a DataWindow in a Web browser

The HTML string that the Data.HTMLTable property returns is equivalent to the string that is saved when you use either the File>Save Rows As HTML Table option in the DataWindow painter workspace or the SaveAs method.

To see what a DataWindow will look like, save it as an HTML file and open the file in a Web browser such as Netscape.

In the painter

When HTMLDW is not selected, the Design>HTML Preview displays the value of Data.HTMLTable. Save an HTML file that you can use later in a browser with File>Save Rows As; set the Save As Type to HTML Table.


Example 1

[Visual Basic]
ls_html = dw1.Describe("DataWindow.Data.HTMLTable")